Is Ping Pong Good Exercise? The Top Health Benefits Explained

Whether you play one or two players, table tennis or table tennis, this sport can be competitive and fast. In fact, at an intense pace, it can be a great way to burn calories and get in shape.

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It’s a very retro sport and most people do not treat it regularly, but it’s a strange reappearance. Bars like Bounce have sprung up all over the UK, reviving people’s passion for ping-pong. They prove that it is better to associate with a beer than a sports drink.

Health Benefits of Playing Ping Pong

Health Benefits of Playing Ping Pong

I do not know about you, but I have never worked much on my physical training in table tennis.

1. It is gentle on the joints:
Have you ever had knee surgery, back problems, and tired of twisting your ankles? Try table tennis. It’s a great way to improve the strength of your legs, arms, and body without overloading your joints.

2. burn calories:
A 150-pound person can burn 272 calories while playing table tennis for one hour. Remember that sport is fun and addictive. This can be a simple and fun way to burn calories.

3. Keep your brain sharp
Have you spent your free time playing table tennis in one of the great outdoor table tennis games? If so, you’re on your way to your health benefits by keeping your brain alert. Table tennis requires a strategic feeling similar to that of chess. The game starts well before the service.

4. Performance:
Powerful legs are the foundation of the best athletes.

Check out many of those who spend the whole day in the weight room and you will find that many of them have very thin legs, at least compared to the rest of the body.

The big bicep is great. Powerful legs … not so much!

But if you play a game that requires a lot of movement from one side to the other, attacking and defending, hiding on the sides of the table, moving and moving your hands to the right, then it’s a great exercise. Then you can use it to lose weight. I did this.

Not Getting Time for Exercise? Check out these 5 Easy Ways to Get Started!

Working out is important. Yeah, we all know that. How many of us are actually taking out time for that?

I asked this question to about 20 of my fellow friends, who don’t work-out. Some of them replied that they are just lazy, while half of them said ‘I got no time’.

Time to Exercise

Man, I got no time for a workout. Tiring work schedules, then family! Where is the time? 

After the survey, I finalized this one thing. Time is indeed an important factor, right? So, how are you investing or utilizing your precious time? In a good way or not? Hahaha, no issues bud. I shall help you out!

Not Getting Time for Exercise? Check out these 5 Easy Ways to Get Started!

Before we actually start working out, you need to make time for fitness and your health. You should be aware of your strengths and weakness. With the help of workout, you are not only focussing on how you look but also on how you behave and think.

Better physique automatically kicks in more positivity and also makes you calmer.

Following are the sure 5 quick ways to Get started with your Exercise Routine. Here we go!

Make a Plan1. Make a Plan, and Stick to it. 

Write down your plan on a paper. Choose any time in the morning or evening for exercise, when you are available and idle doing nothing. Early morning is the best suitable time though.

5-minute workouts2. The 5-minute break! 

No matter how busy your day or life is, take out at least 5 minutes out of it. Just for yourself. Start with a 5-minute walk near your house, and you could easily extend it to 30 minutes a week time.

Less Social Online3. Getting less social online

The current ‘distraction’ of people these days. Even mine. But calling it a distraction is just another excuse, isn’t it? Turn off the Internet for an hour, and invest in exercise. I guess it’s the most effective way.

Positive Outlook4. Have a Positive Outlook

This tip is for those people who remain dull for no reason. Avoid doing those negative self-talk, if you do so. Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time for work time’, say out ‘I do have time for my healthcare’. You will feel the difference.

creative and smart exercise5. Be creative and Smart!

When you are on call with your friend, instead of sitting and talking – take a walk and talk. This way you are talking as well as taking care of your health in the right way. If there are kids playing outside, you can join them and have some movements too. Easy right?

5 Foods That Help In Acid Reflux Disease | DIET & NUTRITION

Acid Reflux, in simple terms, is a medical condition where the acid produced by the stomach goes up against the gravity and tries to enter the esophagus area, passing through the diaphragm. This creates a burning sensation near your chest and throat area, and other condition called heartburns.

If you feel the heartburns once a week, then it is considered a normal one. But if it happens on a regular basis, then you need to check that out with your physician asap.

5 Foods That Help In Acid Reflux Disease

There are certain food items which you can add to your daily intake, for keeping the Acid Reflux condition away from getting to you. It is curable, just you need to keep a check on what you are eating.

Acid Reflux Salads

1. GINGER – is the Hero!

The best thing for the acid reflux condition is none other than Ginger. It comes with natural anti-inflammatory properties, and you could include them in different food items. Grate some ginger in the smoothie, or simply slice them for adding in the curry.


Oats is one among the staple food that is taken as a breakfast food at many homes. They are rich in fiber and is capable of absorbing the acid content in the stomach. A filling diet which does not cause any acid refluxes.


Egg Whites are protein-rich and also a good option for those having cholesterol. Don’t fall for the egg yolks, instead only have the egg whites that is proved to be good for reducing fat, and lowering other saturated fats. It also keeps the blood pressure in check.


This is not something that everyone will die for. Salads, the thing that I usually skip at parties. Lol. But they are found to be effective for the acid reflux condition. When you make a salad, avoid using onion and tomatoes in it and go with all the possible greens you got.

Of course, keep the cheese out of it.


Sea-food and fishes are found to be low in fat, and helpful in lowering the acid reflux condition. Bake, Grill, or Sauté them in little oil; you can go with any of these options. EXCEPT for FRYING.

Even the shellfishes like the lobsters and shrimps are also a good choice here.

Till now, there has been no permanent solution found for this. Controlling the diet, and knowing your system well is the solution out. Try including the above-listed things in your meals, and watch out for the difference.

5 Things You Must Aware About After Workout Exercise

Do you think that knowing the right way of doing an exercise, is the only thing you need to consider?

If you think like that, then you may have to reconsider your answer.

Doing the exercise only constitutes 30% of the total workout output, and now the rest of the things is what you need to know, and understand. Having the right kind of food, and getting proper sleep are the key factors that go hand-in-hand with the workout you do.

5 Things You Must Aware About After Workout Exercise

To your surprise, it’s not what you do during the Workout matters but what you do before and after a workout. Here, we are basically going to discuss the things that you need to be aware of the after-workout session.

5 Things Must Aware About After Workouts

1) Charge up the magnesium level 

As we sweat out during the exercise, it’s the magnesium that leaves out from our body along with the sweat. Therefore, it gets important to charge up the body back with magnesium.

You can do so by eating magnesium-rich food like cashews, almonds, dark green leafy veggies, etc. Also, taking a bath in Epsom salt will bring the magnesium level to normal.

2) Relax and take a massage if possible

Don’t rush yourself through the after-workout session. Relax your body and mind, and slow down the heart beat slowly. Doing a post-workout massage is a good idea and it could relieve out the workout-pain more quickly.

3) Keep yourself hydrated

This is something which you need to follow each and every moment, no matter what work you are doing. If you feel thirsty in between the workout, then you could take a sip of the water but don’t have too much of the water.

After the workout, make it a habit to drink water as much as you want. This process is important, and believe me, you won’t be able to recover soon if you are not hydrated in the right way.

So, always carry a bottle with you, and drink as much water as you want and keep yourself full with the water. Just kidding! Drink enough water and keep your body hydrated.

4) Some Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises both before and after the workout are not the same. Well, with massage and relaxation you could slow down the recovery, but adding some after-workout stretching will speed up the recovery process in a better way. Best way to relieve shoulder pain is stretching and exercising.

Also, here you will have to hold the stretching posture for at least 15 seconds. Try it out, and see the difference.

5) Take a shower. Self-Caring Time!

After you are home after the workout, take a cool water shower and simply relax. This is the time when you could perform all the self-care things, and best one among all is Meditation. By doing so, you relax your body and give it the time to adjust to normalcy.

This is the time when you got to keep all the stress aside, and just focus on the inner self. Well, self-care is necessary, and it’s not selfish.

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